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Hygiene policy for COVID-19


For you as well as for our staff members we have created this hygiene concept. We gladly inform you about our latest and sustainable measures in our hotel. We assure you at the same time that we meet the administrative orders with our measures for your health and wellbeing which we sometimes also outrace. Please take a moment of your precious time, to get your information here. According to the latest knowledge the main cause of infection is through droplet infection, which are created during coughing or sneezing, which can be absorbed from the person opposites‘ mucous membranes of nose, mouth and eventually eyes. Other possibilities of transmission is e.g. a contact transmission. This means best preparations have to be made to avoid the risk of infection or contamination respetively at least contain it best possible. Every single person is asked to observe the given standards as well as acting disciplined and thoughtful. Of course you may assume that our staff members are informed about the detailed standards of their particular areas and have been prepared to observe these. The complete staff of Hotel Flandrischer Hof® is looking forward to welcoming you as our guests. Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any further questions or whether there are still some insecurities. As passionate host we are happy to be here for you.


With all measures taken it is most improtant to obey the lastest distancing regulations. Please keep 1,5 meters in mind.
This is meant for all areas in which you can meet other people.


We would also like to politely obey the etiquette regarding sneezing and coughing:
Keep the most possible distance to other people while sneezing or coughing and face away ideally. Sneeze into your crook of the arm or into a tissue, which you dispose directly afterwards.

A good hygiene of your hands is mandatory!
Please wash regularly and each time intensively your hands with soap and keep orienting the latest recommendations.
Always keep your hands away from your face.


For different areas and situations there are special distance regulations to keep in mind.
Regulations may be modified. Please never forget the general rules.

The face mask is mandatory in public areas. Please keep informed about the latest regulations.


If you notice signs of disease, we would like you to refrain from your visit until you fully recovered. 
The safety of all our guests and our staff has the highest priority.


Please disinfect your hands after entering our hotel. You will find a dispenser at our entrance. Please do not disinfect your hands if they are wet or visibly dirty. You can find additional dispensers in different areas of our hotel for your use. If you need to wait or whenever you pass another person please always hold the distance of 1,5 meters. If such a distance is not possible, please wear a cloth face mask. It is advised generally to refrain from tight physical contacts – e.g. shaking hands or embraces. This advise is of course not meant for close next of kins. The latest standards and indications are partially posted in the hotel. We have further and complete information at our hotel. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any insecurities regarding any behavior rules. Our staff can help you at any time. Regarding the given weather we will aerate all public areas for you. The anyway already comprehensive hygiene concept has been modified and optimised. We added some things regarding the frequency of usage of e.g. particular contact surfaces. The public toilets are cleaned regularly. We outrace the demanded amount of two cleanings per day in view of your wellbeing and safety. It is ensured that there is liquid soap, disposable towels and hand sanitizer in all public toilets. Of course they will be refilled during the regular cleaning if necessary. Catch tanks and waste containers for e.g. used disposable towels are available. Please still keep the rule in mind regarding the physical distance also in the public toilets.


You will find our reception directly at our entrance area. During different formalities regarding welcoming you and the possible choices of payment it is not consistant possible to grant the distance of 1,5 meters between yourself and us. To give you the best possible safety and also to protect our staff members, we installed protective panes of glass at the reception. Please still keep the distance policy regarding other guests in mind, during periods of waiting or whenever you pass other people. We are obliged to get your personal information to process and file. These duties are on behalf of e.g. the federal registration law as well as the law for infection protection. At our hotel you have a free choice of your payment. We advise a contactless payment. Of course you still have the option to pay in cash. To avoid periods of waiting at your departure, you can also pay in advance when you check-in. You can also reserve and pay additional accomplishments in advance. If you use our lifts please regard the advises and standards. Appropiate information is affixed next to the lifts. Our cleaning concept has also been modified to the latest standards. In all our hotel rooms you can get various cosmetic products, e.g. shampoo and soap. If possible, we use disposable units. If you are confused reagarding individual details, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We are happy to help you and inform you about the procedures and basics of the different regulations. A common usage of a hotel room for different persons is liable to every now and then changing regulations. Please inform yourself well in time to avoid missunderstandings. This concerns especially the occupancy of a hotel room with more than two persons. Guests as well as members of our own staff with symptoms of a respiratory infection are not allowed to enter our hotel. Besides this appeal regarding the own circumspection and rationality of each single person, it is prohibited to the hotel by law to grant entrance in this case.

The visit of our hotel’s gastronomy is possible under protection of the each valid distance- and contact restriction rules. This also includes a mutual use of tables and seatings. If there is a tailback to the main breakfast times, please keep the distance rules in mind. To enter and exit the breakfast room there are special regulations. It is obligatory to wear a cloth face mask. This mask can be taken off when you have been seated. After you have entered the breakfast room, please disinfect your hands. A disinfectant dispencer is available on spot. All tables are situated to have the 1,5 meter distance. To set a table as a board shape is not possible regarding if the distance rule should be obeyed. You may help yourself at our breakfast buffet. Before going to the buffet please always disinfect your hands in advance and wear a cloth face mask. Without these meausres it is prohibited to use our buffet.

We have installed proctection glasses at our buffet breakfast, to protect the items against impairments. All contact surfaces e.g. working surfaces, tables, chairs and other furnishings or utensils will be cleaned (as per guideline) constantly or at least after every change of guests. Our staff at the breakfast room who is in contact with yourself will wear a cloth face mask. Of course all of our team will wash and desinfect their hands regularly. Depending on how the weather will be we will assure a substantial and sufficient ventilation. The cleaning of used dishes and flatware is assured through a commercial dishwasher, which of course will guarantee the demanded temperatures for the various scavenging processes.


With increasing relaxation of the general prohibitions due to the contact districtions events can take place again and in this context e.g. conferences and seminars may happen. However the vaild regulations may vary. Please contact us regarding the number of people for your event so that everything can be in order in respect of the regulations. Within the scope we are demanded to claim and keep personal data due to the Infection Protection Act. When you enter your event, please desinfect your hands at our dispenser due to the regualtions. Please still respect the general distance rule as well as the etiquette for sneezing and coughing. Please wear a cloth face mask whenever you enter closed spaciousnesses. When you have reached your seating, you may take the mask off.

The arrangement of the furnishing in our conference room will be coordinated in advance. We will arrange the seatings in respect of the lastest demands. All contact surfaces as well as all furnishing in the conference areas will be cleaned and disinfected regularly at every change of guests. If you have booked benefits of our gastronomy (e.g. coffee breaks and snacks), the general valid rules vor restaurants apply. All the rooms will be aerated regularly comprehensive and sufficient.


All of our staff is wearing a cloth face mask permanantly, if in particular areas there are no other rules to ensure the distance restrictions. Every staff member is demanded to wash their hands regularly and desinfect their hands at least in the beginning and at the end of work. Partially we use disposable gloves according to the correct usage. The general valid rules of the etiquette for sneezing and coughing as well as the avoidance to touch one‘s face we also respect internal. The design of the cooperation within the hotel is made in respect of the each valid distance and contact rules. At the same time we ensure you that you can find a correct and important contact person at every time. Of course contact surfaces and working tools in each part of the hotel will be regularly cleaned and disinfected sustainable. At least at every change of shifts these measure also apply to technichal tools e.g. telephones, keyboards or mouses. Please be assured that „behind the scenes“ we follow the rules to minimize the risk of a possible infection disciplined e.g. also on our breaks. Distance rules and the possibility to wear a cloth face mask are adjusted and ensured to each situation. As passionate host we want to be a valuable model for our guests. Not least because of the partially very different rules within Germany it is important and a need to us to keep you informed simple and fast about the rules in and for Cologne. As before we will continually and attentively look at possible changes in the regulations and if other relaxations of adjustments apply,  we will update and optimize our concept when needed.